Do you want to reduce ENERGY COST?

Do you want to improve your products QUALITY?

The substitution of an existing Pneumatic pressing cylinder with the HYDRAULIC PRESSING UNIT will increase your Press performances.

The use of the HYDRAULIC PRESSING UNIT versus the Pneumatic one, will grant a substantial saving in terms of ENERGY.

The HYDRAULIC PRESSING UNIT will improve the QUALITY of your products, thanks to the accurate control of the pressing cycle.

The HYDRAULIC PRESSING UNIT will improve the life time of your moulds.

The HYDRAULIC PRESSING UNIT can be interfaced with any Press Timing system (mechanical or electronic)

The HYDRAULIC PRESSING UNIT is available for Single and Double Gob Presses.

The HYDRAULIC PRESSING UNIT is based on a Central Pump Unit, designed to cope with the speed and pressing force requirement. 

The Units are available with a maximum pressing force of 4, 6 or 10 t and for speed up to 50 cycles/min

The Hydraulic Cylinder is equipped with a Linear Position Transducer, which allows a very accurate control of the system, being the core of the closed loop feedback.

The Hydraulic valve utilized represents the state of the art with high reliability and top performance.

The Control Panel include the latest generation PLC control unit and a Touch Screen to interface with the machine Operator.

The Human interface is friendly and allows a fast set-up of the system.

Hydraulic Pressing System